Vacation Quest Keyless Lock System

For the safety and convenience of our guests ALL of Vacation Quest's homes have Class 1 Keyless locks installed.  You may ask, "how are these locks safer than ordinary locks"?  No prior guests have made additional copies of the key, because there is no physical key to copy.  At the time of your booking, you will be sent an automated e-mail asking you to choose a 4-digit code that will serve as your key. All of our lock codes activate at check-in time and de-activates at check-out time.  At Vacation Quest, only the licensed, screened, and bonded property manager will have your code.

                                                                              Outside View                          Inside View

                                                      Notice the Schlage Logo             Lock or Unlock
                                                      at the top center, it is the             Use Thumb turn
                                                      FIRST BUTTON TO                       at the Bottom
                                                      PUSH to START  

To Unlock the Door

1.       The Keypad will be immediately apparent as you approach the front door, you can't miss it!

2.       Push the "Schlage LOGO" (Button) located at the TOP CENTER of the Keypad , The numbers will now be lit in blue. 

3.       Push your 4 DIGIT CODE: (Code YOU Emailed)  -  you will hear the motor engaging the dead bolt.

4.        When the sound stops, turn the handle and the door will open.

To LOCK the Door from the outside               

1.       Make sure that the door is SHUT TIGHT

2.       Push the “Schlage® Logo” Button – The blue backlight comes on

3.      Push your 4 Digit Code: (Code YOU Emailed) – You will hear the motor lock the door

4.      As soon as the noise stops, your door is locked.


 IF you cannot open the door, please call the office at (904) 444-4468

The picture above on the left is the Nexia® Bridge.  It will be connected to the Internet router. 
IMPORTANT ! ! ! Do NOT disconnect, place objects in front of OR 
re-direct (turn from present location)
The picture above on the right works as a "repeater".  
It is usually plugged into an outlet between the bridge and the lock.
Please do NOT UNPLUG or MOVE ! !
These two electronic items are necessary for the function of the lock system.  Please do NOT 
allow your children to tamper with these items.  Thanks!