Know the Dos and Donts at Your Beach Home

Check out our brief list of things you may want to keep a note of and things you need to keep in mind while you stay with us!

DO have FUN!
DO tell us if you find something wrong or not working! If something has broken and is causing you trouble during your stay, please let us know, we will send someone out as soon as possible!

DON’T wait until you leave and “just live with it”.  Let us get it fixed so that you can enjoy EVERYTHING while you stay your oceanfront beach house!

DO arrive at or after 3:00 PM check in time

DO remember your door code AND to push the Schlage Logo (button) FIRST, then the 4 numbers.

DON'T forget your code or leave your directions at home!

DON'T arrive EARLY or depart after 10:00 AM - by the way, your lock code will deactivate thirty minutes after check-out.

DO pick up after your pet and keep them leashed, especially when other people are present!

DON'T allow your pet on the comforters and furniture. AND DON'T bring a pet that was NOT preapproved! 
DO ask for advice!  Daryl, the general manager, is a native and knows a lot of information about the area.  If he doesn't have your answer, he knows someone that does!
DO remember that the sea turtles are a protected species!

DON’T allow your children to disturb the turtle’s next! You will see them marked off between May and September, and messing with them carries a heavy fine! For more information, go to our
Beach Info Page.

DON’T built a bonfire or use white lights near the beach or the back of the home.

DO notice that we use ONLY yellow low wattage bulbs on the back of the home. DON’T replace with white lights.

DON’T get a fine from the State of Florida for violating any of the “sea turtle rules”
DO feel free to enjoy ALL beach toys in the garage or utility room.  Usually we have boogie boards(also known as body boards), beach toys, beach chairs, umbrella, and children’s toys.

DON'T forget to rinse the sand off all beach items before putting them back.
DO have fun surf fishing and DO ask us for advice and license information.

DON’T get a ticket for NO FISHING LICENSE – It is easy to get one, even before you arrive. For more information on getting a fishing license, or seeing if you are exempt from the requirements, check out our
Beach Info page.
DO feel free to use the gas grill provided at the beach home.

DON’T forget to replace the grill cover AFTER it cools down.
DO feel free to use the wireless internet and the cable TV

DON’T forget where the channel guide is!
Here is a link to our channel list.
DO enjoy our Florida weather and sunshine AND DO use sun screen and drink plenty of fluids.

DON’T get dehydrated OR sunburned!  It is GREAT to show off your tan to friends back home, but your dermatologist may not be impressed!

DO supervise your children while playing or swimming at the beach, keep a special eye on any members of your party who may be prone to heat exhaustion or are weak swimmers. 

DON'T unplug items such as the internet, door lock system items, or the black box that boosts the internet/cable service. If you do this, you won't have cable or internet!

DO be careful when you or the children are packing up! Make sure to check all drawers, check under beds, and check the outlets for phone chargers!

DON'T pack items that come with the house, it is very easy to mistakenly grab one of our items instead of yours! For example: hair dryers.

DO respond to your email after departure to let us know how we are doing! Your reviews keep us striving towards our best!

DON'T forget to sign up for our monthly newsletters AND DON'T forget to make your reservations EARLY!

DON'T forget to tell you family and friends that you enjoyed your stay and our area.

Thank YOU!