Vacation Quest Express Check In

Why has Vacation Quest chosen to set all of our homes up with the Schlage Keyless Lock Entry? For your safety and added convenience!

So just how much safer is the keyless lock system compared to the traditional method of vacation rentals? Well, other vacation home rental companies will have you pick up keys or send you a code for a lockbox. Just the fact that there are no physical keys or copies made by previous guests makes the keyless system worth it, because there are no physical keys to make copies of! 

Our locks codes are stored on Nexia's secure servers, where only the manager has access. When we put in the codes, we put it in for a specific timeframe, specifically, the duration of your stay. So when it's time for check-out, your code expires! Which also means anyone trying to enter in their code during your stay will find that their code no longer works.  

After making a reservation with us, you will receive a litany of e-mails. I know, it seems like a lot, but they're all very important! One of the most important e-mails you will receive on the day of the transaction will be titled "Provide Lock Code", and this will be the e-mail you reply with the 4-digit code of your choosing.

When choosing a code, your first thought might be to choose your or a close relative's birthday. I would suggest choosing a number that is known by you and your family, but wouldn't be easy for a stranger to guess!

For instructions on how to use your code to open and lock the doors, visit our page

Guests have told us numerous times how convenient it is to not have to keep up with a bunch of keys!

"We loved the keyless entry system & not trying to keep up with door keys - any of us could get in at any time & no one had to be there to let us in." - Marilyn, Seaside Escape, June 7th, 2016